What We Do

What we do: we help people develop "executive thinking" and management consulting skills to become more effective executives and communicators.

PDI designs and delivers professional development seminars and programs for management consultancies and corporations. 

Our seminars teach "executive thinking skills" — essential problem-solving and communication skills — that individuals need to address issues, solve problems, and pursue business opportunities in an extremely competitive world.  

PDI seminars focus on developing a top management perspective and business problem-solving skills in all those who attend. The constant emphasis is on executive thinking.  

Executives must make critical decisions every day and they need staff that understand their needs. They need staff who can provide the information they need, in a form they can understand, that is fact-based and easily digestible, with clear analyses and conclusions. Executives need staff that can create logically compelling reports to aid their decision-making. Unfortunately, such skills are in short supply today. PDI was created to meet that critical need in the corporate world.

Our seminars are designed to create:

1. More professionalism in the quality and appearance of all communications

2.  A culture of shared expectations for

     •   clear business thinking

     •   communications that aid and direct executive decision making

     •   conclusions and recommendations that are logical and fact-based

3.  Defined approaches, tools, and techniques (drawn from management consulting and elsewhere) to guide thinking, data-gathering, synthesis, report writing, and presentations


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