Executive Thinking and Communication Skills Seminar

This one-day seminar/workshop is designed for eight to sixteen participants. Intended audience: anyone who writes reports and presentations. Participants learn how to:

  • •  Employ a top management perspective
  • •  Structure reports and presentations
  • •  Develop a persuasive communication strategy
  • •  Create context and a narrative flow
  • •  Review logic, arguments, and support at section/page levels
  • •  Use charts and exhibits
  • •  Write and revise - quickly and efficiently
  • •  Write concise, powerful sentences

Management Consulting Skills Seminar

The seminar, designed for 10 to 30 participants (creating 2-6 teams), is customized to meet the needs of each client. Intended audiences: management consultants, internal consultants, and executives. We offer two, three and four-day versions which, in addition to teaching "consulting skills," may incorporate skills taught in the other seminars outlined here. More information will be sent upon request.

Managing Writing Mentoring Seminar

The day-and-a-half seminar is designed for eight to twelve participants. Intended audience: anyone who manages the writing of teams and/or other individuals. Participants learn how to:

  • •  Establish shared concepts, standards, and principles for their teams
  • •  Provide clear directions
  • •  Diagnose writing/thinking problems
  • •  Give direct and useful feedback
  • •  Direct revisions without having to rewrite material themselves
  • •  Gain leverage and increase productivity
  • •  Ensure highest quality deliverables

Presentation Skills Seminar

This one day seminar/workshop is designed for six to eight participants. Participants learn how to:

  • •  Structure presentations
  • •  Analyze the audience
  • •  Open and close meetings and presentations
  • •  Design and use visual aids effectively
  • •  Handle questions and answers
  • •  Use gestures
  • •  Hone delivery skills and increase "presence" and authority


In addition to offering our specialized seminars and workshops PDI also provides the following services:

  • •  Team interventions
  • •  Individual executive coaching
  • •  Review of reports, presentations, marketing materials and other corporate communications
  • •  Design and delivery of other courses and curriculum

Call us with any inquiries you have to see how we can help you develop the skills and talent your firm needs.

B. Nelson Ong, Ph.D. 


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